Still using wordpress job board plugins? We have a better idea...

The job board is the bread and butter of any website where promoting vacancies is the primary focus. It is by far the most important piece functionality on the website, it's implementation will either make or break your website project.

Don't reach for the plugin!

The first response of many agencies and designers is to jump on their favourite plugin website and look for a job board plugin. That's the point where their project has taken a wrong turn.

The problem with job board plugins is they are by definition a plugin. They are additions to an existing content management system.

Incorporating the job board in the from of a plugin leads to a disjointed design and functionality that doesn't flow through the site as it should. This is what you end up with: Bad job board

Or maybe if you're lucky you will get this: Ugly job board

But what can we do about it?

The job board must be the primary focus of your site of your site from the very start. It's the most important component because it's what shows your vacancies to your site visitors.

Build your site around your job board

The alternative is building a website from the group up with the job board being the core component of the website design.

That is exactly what we have done at Ruiter, we've build a website builder that#s focused on building personalised, beautiful recruitment websites.

When you build a website with our website builder you start out with a designer made template for your exact use case. Your job board is already optimised to perform well in Google and you can collect applicants via the application process at your finger tips.

Ruiter is not just a website builder; it's a platform of tools to make recruitment easier. All fully integrated into your website for no extra cost.