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For Recruiters

Everything you need to create a beautiful, professional web presence for your recruitment efforts.

Build your website

Build the website you want, without the hassle

It takes just 10 minutes to build a pre-optimised, modern, functional employment website with our website builder. Take control of your web presence and boost your candidate stream today.

Our stunning designer-made templates and intuitive editor saves you hiring costly designers and developers to build a site that looks great.

Career site built with Ruiter's website builder for recruiters
Job board integrated into a recruiter website

Fully featured job board

Your website comes out the box with a fully functional job board and application process.

Best of all, our continuous platform updates bring you new features and functionality at no extra cost.

Fully managed hosting

Once you build your site we take care of the rest. Here are a few of the things you no longer need to worry about:



We build Ruiter from the group up using the best security practices and the best reliable software.

Your package includes a fully maintained hosting package. Any security patches can be applied easier across our hosted sites in minutes.

SSL Certificate Included

All Ruiter websites come with fully managed 2048-bit SSL certificates at no extra cost to you. SSL ensures your visitors' connections to your website stay secure and prevents anyone snooping on or altering your website.

A secure website will also help improve your rankings in Google's search results.



To ensure we can provide top notch reliability we use a cluster of high performance, redundant servers.

Your traffic is balanced between servers in the cluster to ensure that no single server failure will cause your website to go offline.

The health of our servers is monitored in real time with automatically failure fallbacks to ensure we can react quickly when something goes wrong.

We also employ active monitoring to alert us of any issues related to your website, including:

  • DNS misconfiguration
  • SSL expiry
  • Hosting exception

Get yourself out there

Our platform helps you create a stunning online presence you’ll be proud to share.

Here is how we help you promote your recruitment efforts online:


Optimised for search

Ruiter makes it simple to get your website found on Google with pre-optimised templates and dynamic metadata helping you rank better in the search results.

Your job board is automatically configured with schema markup to allow your jobs to show up in the Google job's listing.

All of our templates adhere to the ever changing SEO best practices, as these change we update our templates to keep your website competitive in the search listings.

Mobile phone

Mobile friendly

Target candidates while they're on the move with a website optimised for mobile devices.

All our templates are designed from the ground up to look great on screens of any size.

Mobile responsiveness is a major Google ranking factor and will improve your search rankings across the site.

Build your Website

Consistently fast

We monitor the performance of our servers and optimise our templates to make sure your visitors see fast load times at all times. Load balancing, redundant fallbacks and active monitoring ensure your website stays fast and never goes offline even with a traffic spike.

Custom domains

Using your existing domain is easy, simply point it at our servers and we will handle serving your new website. No patches or updates to worry about, ever. 100% care free hosting.

Why use a website builder?

Using a website builder gives you more control over your website.

It's easy to manage and make edits yourself.

Designed for you

Our systems are built specifically for recruiters, this means we can taylor everything to your needs.

A simple and intuitive interface makes your day to day life easier.

We're here for you

We're here to support you through any issues and help you get the most out of your website.

Save on developer costs

You can do it all yourself, there's no need to hire a developer.

All our templates come designed to a great style. You can't go wrong.

Get online faster

Our selection of great pre-made templates can get you fully setup in just 10 minutes. You can then customise to your desires.

Also check out our video on how the website builder works.