Gallery of The Best Recruitment Website Designs

While building our recruitment website builder we looked at a great number of recruitment sites for inspiration.

This is our collection of the best looking recruitment website designs that we found from around the internet.

We hope these images help inspire you to build a great recruitment website yourself!

Dressing well is a form of good manners.

Tom Ford

Great design is not only good for your brand but also for your customers.

No one wants to be dealing with an clunky, ugly website when they're looking for a job, and you certainly don't want potential employers passing by your agency because of a poor online representation.

Let's talk purpose

Design is great but to what end?

All the website designs above don't just look amazing, they serve the needs of their recruitment agencies perfectly.

The purpose of a recruitment website is most commonly two fold:

  • Convince employers to hand you their job spec
  • Receive CVs and job applications for said job specs

The websites featured here do an amazing job at both of these.

Deep dive analysis

Let's dive into detail of what makes some of the websites so great.

Cabinet Kervadec Recruitment website

Cabinet Kervadec

Cabinet Kervadec do a great job at sorting visitors coming onto the site into the two important groups; candidates and employers. This allows them to instantly direct their visitors to content targeted to their needs.

Candidate section

Every step of the way they assure their visitors by providing the info they need to know. On the candidates page they show a clear illustration of the process when applying for a position.

Website contact details

At the very top of the page, the contact details are displayed very clearly. The contrasting background makes it extremely easy to spot if you're looking for them.

A great selection of REAL images throughout the site give it a human feel while also re-enforcing their brand by featuring their chosen font and colours.

Website social proof

This human feel is backed up with their 'social proof' sections showcasing their reviews on Google.

Pear tree Recruitment website

Pear Tree Recruitment

The Pear Tree website is a personal favorite of mine because of the sleek modern simplicity while still being amazingly functional.

Pear Tree make no assumptions about you as the visitor and make it very clear what contents for you with the "I'm Looking For A Job" and "I'm Looking To Recruit" menu items.

About us page

Their 'About us' page shows their friendly faces and their social media is fun and engaging. It's hard not to love them.

This site is a great case study, proving that you don't need a large elaborate website to look great and stand out. Smaller agencies should embrace their size and allow it flow with their positioning rather than trying to immitate big agencies.

D&A Recruitment website design

D&A Recruitment

An incredibly coherent design with a consistent colour pallet and matching icons all the way through. D&A really showcase their professionalism with this site.

Their content is very focused on serving candidates, with a small section for clients further down the homepage. With a large quantity of their listed jobs being in the Logistics and Construction sectors I imagine this layout works better for sorting a large quantity of candidates.

Notable mentions

Here's some sites which we thought were good, but not quite worthy of our top nomination. We do set the bar high. That's something we don't apologize for.

We've included them here as we still think they contain little nuggets of greatness, which can serve as inspiration for your designs.

Think you got what it takes?

If you think you should claim a top spot in our gallery; let us know.